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Protection Dog Training

When it comes to home security, nothing is more reassuring than having a well-trained dog protecting you and your loved ones. And guard dogs aren’t just useful for home protection either – in fact, police officers often credit canine protection as a key aspect of a strong police force.

View our video on protection dog training.  This is an example of a woman running with her dog, and someone tries to attack from a moving truck.

However, dog protection training is a task that shouldn’t be undertaken without the assistance and supervision of a professional dog trainer. Superior canine protection training can take many years, and requires a specific training regimen that only professional trainers can provide. So if you’re interested in training your dog or puppy, contact Sanders Dog Training, the ultimate professionals in Atlanta protection dog training.

Sanders Dog Training provides professional dog protection training to protect you when you need it most. From police dog training to canine home security, our expert trainers have helped Atlanta citizens and police officers discover the reassuring peace of mind that comes with highly trained and obedient canine security.

In fact, thanks to years of working with prestigious guarding and protection breeds like the presa canario, american bulldog, german sheppard,  and dobberman pinscher Sanders Dog Training is the unparalleled expert in training an Atlanta protection dog. So whether you want to teach your dog how to protect your home or are interested in adding a canine protection unit to your police force, we at Sanders Dog Training can help.

Sanders Dog Training provides Atlanta dog training including house dog training, obedience training, and protection training for dogs of all ages. Feel free to browse through our site to find out more about obedience dog training. Currently providing dog training in Atlanta, Alpharetta, Cumming, Roswell, Dawsonville, and Elijah. Call (404) 941-5441 if you’d like a quote or simply want to ask one of our dog training experts a question,  or contact us


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