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House Training
The professionals at Sanders Dog Training offers house training services including bark training, housebreaking, and potty training.
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Obedience Training
We offer dog obedience training to help you to instruct your dog what to do. We will train your dog not to bite, jump on company, and more.
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Protection Training
We offer dog protection training to protect you when you need it most. We specialize in personal protection against threat, or home & security protection.
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Small Dog Training
Puppy Training
Large Dog Training
Adult Training
Best Dog Training Service! They taught my dog obedience, and home protection. It has made a huge difference in my home. I feel safer, and my dog really understands the commands that I ask of him. Stephanie Young - Alpharetta, GA
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We Care
Our dog training programs include obedience, agility, problem solving, personal protection, home protection, civil work and personal protection sports. Choose an experienced company that cares.
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Atlanta Dog Training

Sanders Dog Training provides Atlanta dog training including house dog training, obedience training, and protection training for dogs of all ages. Our solution is better than any other leading trainers in Atlanta – with our specialty in protection training for peace of mind in your home or business. We provide a healthy environment for your pet to learn how to be a helpful part of your family in the capacity you need.

Finding that house training your adult dog or puppy is going a bit “ruff”?

While a dog may be man’s best friend, you may be feeling that somehow, your dog or puppy missed the memo. Between the need to teach obedience, tame aggressive barking and house train your furry friend, it’s easy to miss out on the key ingredients that make up successful dog training, such as:

• The biggest obedience issues you’ll encounter – and how to nip them in the bud;

• Why your small dog can be just as difficult to train as a large dog

• The ideal age for your puppy to start his socialization training

• The basic rule most owners forget when introducing their dogs to new people

• Why your dog confuses aggression with protection – and how to eliminate aggressive behavior

• Myths about teaching your dog to behave.

Take a look at our video of an example of our personal guard dog training in Atlanta


You shouldn’t have to train your dog or puppy alone. In fact, why not look for friendly and professional dog training in Atlanta that won’t just train your dog – they’ll make him a friend for life.

So if you’re ready to enjoy the comfort, protection and laughter that only a well-behaved and loving dog can provide you and your family, then you’re ready for our proven system!

Sanders Dog Training provides professional dog training and puppy training in Atlanta, GA for the family who is trying to teach their pet how to behave and interact with guests. We believe that your dog is not just a family pet – he’s a family member. And like your family members, your dog should be respectful, well-behaved and loving.  Sanders Dog Training specialists believe that dog and puppy training should involve more than teaching basic commands: it should focus on building a trusting and faithful bond of respect between owner and dog.

So what’s the Sanders Dog Training experience like? Take a look at what our highly qualified and friendly Atlanta dog trainers can do for you and your new furry friend:

• Our dog training specialists know how to handle the toughest behavioral problems at any age

• Simple-yet-effective puppy training ensures that your puppy continues to grow into a well-behaved and trusting dog

• We teach how to make even the most skittish dog comfortable when meeting new people, thereby reducing levels of aggression and anxiety

• We offer techniques on leash training puppies, in addition to adult dogs

• Try our individual one-on-one  sessions, or enroll in our group classes, which offer much-needed socialization time for your dog

• Our dog experts can teach you the right way to house train your new dog or puppy.

Sanders Dog Training provides Atlanta dog training

including house dog training, obedience training, and protection training for dogs of all ages. Feel free to browse through our site to find out more about protection dog training. Currently providing dog training in Atlanta, Alpharetta, Cumming, Roswell, Dawsonville, and Elijah. Call (404) 941-5441 if you’d like a quote or simply want to ask one of our dog training experts a question,  or  contact us. 

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